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    French: Le Poete A single figure in a large commission dated 1880. It was for a doorway surround based on The Divine Comedy of Dante. Most figures in the work represent characters in the epic poem
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    The letter to the president of Iran from Republican Jr Senator Tom Cotton and 47 Republican senators talking directly with Iran's leader about how the Republican Senators will wait until President Barak Obama is out of office to void the Iran Nuclear Deal recently signed. This was done without Presidential or bipartisan support and many believe it amounts to treason.
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    On December 27, 2008, Israel committed an act of illegal warfare when it deliberately dropped burning phosphorus on Palestinian School Children It was at precisely 11:30am, just as all of the school children were in the streets changing from morning to afternoon classes. Phosphorus has only been approved to be used in unpopulated areas as a smoke screen and light source. It is ILLEGAL to use phosphorus in populated areas because when it makes contact with humans (children are human) it literally melts the skin off of the person.
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    Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu continues to occupy, develop and take over The Golan Heights despite agreements not to proceed. The Golan Heights was Syrian land and the development rights have remained at a standoff. Somehow Israel's Netanyahu has managed to grant oil drilling rights to his friends Former VP Dick Cheney, Self-Promoting Propaganda News Mogul RUPERT Murdoch and of course, it wouldn't be much of a takeover if one of the Rothschilds wasn't there representing.
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    A hot headed, undereducated, selfish, and quick to shoot character which seems to describe many of the gunslingers here in the US today.
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    Search back to discover how you can to know what you think you know about the US and the World. Especially in terms of military reasons for involvement.